electric over hydraulic brake actuatorelectric over hydraulic brake actuator

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Built To Handle Your Trailer Braking

At Deutsche Hydrapro, we leverage a proud heritage of over 90 years in hydraulic engineering, merging this extensive experience with state-of-the-art innovation. Our Electric-Over-Hydraulic (EOH) brake actuators, meticulously crafted in Australia, showcase our collaboration with top European hydraulic engineers. This partnership ensures that our products are at the forefront of technological advancements.

  • electric over hydraulic brake actuator
  • electric over hydraulic brake actuator
  • electric over hydraulic brake actuator

Our Products

Deutsche Hydrapro Brake Actuators Feature

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

Built-in Compatibility (CAM) Adapter

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

More Consistent Braking Force at Maximum Pressure

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

Better Proportional Braking Range

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

Higher Braking Force in Relation to Power Draw

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

x3 Longer Lasting Durability in Extreme Testing

electric over hydraulic brake actuator

Meets all IP67 Water-Ingress Protection Standards

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Are you looking to purchase our high-quality EOH actuators near you? You're in luck! We have a vast network of trusted dealers across the USA and Canada. These dealers are officially partnered with Deutsche Hydrapro and are ready to provide top-notch customer service and our superior products.

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      Experienced In Providing Innovative Hydraulic Drive And Control Technologies.

      Our unwavering passion for the trailer braking industry drives us to continuously innovate and revolutionize braking systems. 

      We are dedicated to developing groundbreaking products that meet the evolving needs of our global customers, ensuring both safety and efficiency. 

      Our mission is to establish new benchmarks in braking excellence, with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and continuous innovation. 

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      Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuators for Trailers

      Our Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) brake actuator, featuring a sleek and modern design, is crafted to meet the highest quality standards and endure the toughest conditions. Its compact form factor ensures effortless installation. 

      The unit includes a versatile brake line fitting, offering 360 degrees of movement for flexible connection from any mounting position. Every Deutsche Hydrapro brake actuator boasts a rapid response time, achieving 1,000 psi in just 0.118 seconds.
      electric over hydraulic brake actuator

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      The Deutsche Hydrapro EOH brake actuator has been designed with a high level of quality in mind for the harsh conditions our clients face daily. We are proud to deliver the Deutsche Hydrapro brake actuator throughout North America

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