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Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes Power in Harsh and Corrosive Environments

The Deutsche Hydrapro actuator has been designed with a high level of quality in mind for harsh Australian conditions. We are proud to be delivering the Deutsche Hydrapro actuator to the Australian market.
Alpha G1600 (1600psi)
electric trailer brake actuator

Over 90 years experience of providing innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies.

Deutsche Hydrapro developed their Electric-Over-Hydraulic (EOH) Brake Actuator in conjunction with a European hydraulic pump manufacturer.

The Hydrapro EOH brake actuator's quality and simplicity gives you the necessary reliability required for a trailer braking system. It has a superior response time that delivers shorter stopping distances, which provides the driver with confidence whilst towing.


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Some of the Deutsche Hydrapro features include:

  • High powered DC Motor and quality pump with minimal moving parts for reliability.
  • Independently sealed fluid tank, which provides extra fluid reserves.
  • Weather proof, anodized alloy case to protect components from the external elements.
  • Robust electronics board that has a protective coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Competitive pricing, making the safer choice of a EOH braking system much easier.
  • Two year warranty giving you peace of mind.

All these features of the Deutsche Hydrapro braking unit combine to deliver reliable hydraulic braking power in harsh and corrosive environments. Making it less susceptible to salt water, extreme temperatures, and poor road conditions.

The Deutsche Hydrapro unit is a wise choice for Electric-Over-Hydraulic braking and is well suited to all types of trailers, including boat trailers, caravans, and utility trailers.

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  • Alpha G1600 (1600psi)
  • Alpha G1200 (1200psi)
  • Alpha G1000 (1000psi)
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