Alpha G-1000 (1000psi) EOH Brake Actuator


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The Alpha G-1000 is the perfect combination of style and durability. This top-quality brake line fitting stands up against challenging conditions so that you can rely on it for exceptional performance. With its compact design, installation is easy, and the 360-degree movement capability of the brake line fittings means you can connect your brake line from any mounting position. Get the best of both worlds with the Alpha G-1200 style and reliability in one sleek package.


Best used with DRUM BRAKES (Under 8,000lbs Axle Capacity)



  • High-powered DC motor and quality pump with minimal moving parts.
  • Weatherproof, anodized alloy case protects components from external elements (such as saltwater, extreme temperatures, and poor road conditions).
  • Anodized, T6-grade extruded alloy housing protects from different environments and has a great aesthetic design.
  • Independently sealed fluid tank.
  • Conformal coating on the circuit board is designed to provide extra protection from moisture.
  • Two-year no-hassle warranty.


  • DOT Compliant
  • Trailer Mounted
  • Application: Drum brakes for single and tandem trailers
  • Distance Between Mounting Holes: 10.95” & 1.38” (278mm & 35mm)
  • Mounting Hole Diameter 1.2cm x 0.8cm (12 x 8 mm) slot
  • Hydraulic Port Size: 3/16 inverted flare (standard brake line fitting)
  • Dot 4 Brake Fluid
  • Power: 12V DC (min 30 amp feed)
  • Max Current Draw at full pressure approximately 18-24 amps.
  • Wire Configuration:
    • Black: 12-volt power
    • Blue: brake controller
    • Yellow: breakaway
    • White: ground
  • Wire Gauge Recommendation
    • A minimum of 10 gauge on black and white
    • A minimum 12 gauge on blue and yellow
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 10” (255mm)
    • Height: 6” (152mm)
    • Width: 3.6” Base / 1.7” Top (90mm Base / 44mm Top)
    • Mounting centers: 10.9” L and 1.6” W (275mm and 40mm)

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